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What is Ryzom Commons?

Ryzom Commons is a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed media content (images, sound and video clips) affiliated to Ryzom to everyone. It acts as a common repository for Ryzom Wiki, but you do not need to belong to one of those projects to use media hosted here. The repository is created and maintained not by paid-for artists but by volunteers.

Ryzom Commons uses the same wiki-technology as Wikipedia and everyone can edit it. Unlike media files uploaded to other projects, files uploaded to Ryzom Commons can be embedded on pages of all Ryzom Wiki projects without the need to separately upload them there.

Unlike traditional media repositories, Ryzom Commons is free. Everyone is allowed to copy, use and modify any files here freely as long as the source and the authors are credited and as long as users release their copies/improvements under the same freedom to others. The Ryzom Commons database itself and the texts in it are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. The license conditions of each individual media file can be found on their description pages.


You can improve Ryzom Commons most if you contribute what you can do best:

Contribute your skills

However you do not need to upload your own files. There is plenty of other very important work to do:

Contribute your time

You even do not need to be an artist or good at writing help texts. If you feel at home with creating order from chaos, then we could use your helping hand!


In order to be able to upload files on Ryzom Commons, you need to be logged in. You can register at the "Log in / create account" link in the upper right corner and enter a user name that will be used at all of your uploads/edits on images and texts. If you have taken advantage of unified login, then you are already signed up at Ryzom Commons.

First steps tutorial

You don't need technical skills in order to contribute here. Be bold contributing here and assume good faith for the intentions of others. This is a wiki - it is really easy.

Files on Ryzom Commons are organized in categories and galleries. An overview of the categories we use is available on the Main Page.

We hope that you will enjoy it here and that you will have fun.