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Please do not create categories without checking that there is at least one that is right for you.

If you really think you need to create a category, try to follow the spirit of the category tree here, and, in any case, the categories must belong to the main shaded categories (first or second level in the tree structure).

In the common atys.wiki.ryzom, some rare categories are hidden to avoid spoil.

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Apartment images Apartment Interface images
Atysmas 2010 apartment images‎
Fyros apartment images‎
Halloween 2010 apartment images
Matis apartment images
Tryker apartment images‎
Zoraï apartment images‎
Cosmetic images Hair images Fyros hair images
Matis hair images
Tryker hair images
Zoraï hair images
Tattoo images Fyros tattoo images
Matis tattoo images
Tryker tattoo images
Zoraï tattoo images
Ecological images A study of Flora and Fauna on Atys
Botanical images Desert plants
Forest plants
Jungle plants
Kitins' Lair
Lakelands plants
Lou Tei-Sang's herbarium
Prime Roots plants
Mob renders
Primitive Races images
Zoological images Avian images
Boss images
Kitin images
Event images Atysmas 2009 images,

Atysmas 2010 images...

Cuiccio Perinia Presents Event images
Dark Preparations Event images
Event 2019
Event Chain images Tears of the Emperor Event images
Water Woes Event Chain images
Fragrant Gift Event images
Halloween 2009 images,

Halloween 2010 images...

It's hard to say Gibbaï Event images
Karavan Researcher (2011/06/18) Event images
Ultimate Provocation Event images
Fyros images
Geographical images Map images Region maps
Town maps
Outpost images
Pyr images
Icon images Atys symbol
Crafting Components icons
Crafting Plans icons
Crafting Tools icons
Faction icons
Flag images
Item base icons
Material icon images
Misc icon images
Mission Items icons
Mission Rewards icons
OP produce icons
Occupations icons
Ring icons
Seed symbol
Stanzas icons Spells icons
Interface images Apartment Interface images
Ryzom Guide
Kami images
Karavan images

I.e. With significant local language in the image

EncyclopDE Ruinen von Silan - Beginner Guide
Silan Anleitung
EncyclopFR Occupations
Silan fr images
Tutorial Lessons
Marauders images
Matis images
Obsolete Lost+found
Ring images Ring Interface images
Ring assets
Primes raider images
Rangers images
Silan images

And also many images in the Silan guides in: DE, EN, ES, FR, RU

Special images Animation images
Organization images
Patch Patch Effects
Patch Effects FR
Tasks Craft Armor crafting
Magic images Enchant
Magic GIF
Spell Animation images
Tribe images Tribe emblems
Trykers images
Trytonist images
User images Guild Island
Guild images Guild icons
Homins images Arionasis-Teenemai


User work Team
Screenshot images
Zoraï images
Forge Armanent images
Client installation
Image texture
Ryzom Core images
Ryzom Forge RC
Ryzom Forge images ARK images
Forge Icon images
Lore images Astronomy images
Faction lore Kami lore
Karavan lore
Marauders lore
Rangers lore
Tryton lore
NPC images
Race lore Fyros lore
Matis lore
Tryker lore
Zoraï lore
Ryzom assets

Game graphical tools

3D Model
Accessories assets
Actors assets
Batiments assets
Homin chiefs assets
Mask assets
Monster assets
To delete, if unnecessary and superfluous links
Or to guard, explaining that those categories are sets grouping together data also in races, factions, aso.
All those categories have subcategories such as:
Generic <subject> assets
Prime Roots <subject> assets
<race> <subject> assets
<faction> <subject> assets
and some others OOC categories
Fyros assets Fyros accessories assets Fyros accessories v2 assets
Fyros actors assets Fyros actors lead maps assets
Fyros actors mask assets
Fyros actors v2 assets
Fyros city assets Fyros city v2 assets
Fyros decors assets Fyros Fortressbuildstage assets
Fyros batiments assets
Desert vegetations assets
Fyros homin chiefs assets
Fyros monster assets Fyros monster v2 assets
Fyros objects assets
Generic assets Generic accessories assets
Generic actors assets Generic actors good assets
Generic actors mask assets
Generic batiments assets Generic batiments v2 assets
Generic waibao assets
Goo assets
Interface assets
Interface ring assets
Interface v1 assets Interface v1 bricks assets
Interface v1 character creation assets
Interface v1 clade creation assets
Interface v1 cursors assets
Interface v1 main assets
Interface v1 popup assets
Interface v1 vote assets
Interface v2 assets Interface v2 items assets
Interface v3 assets Interface v3 3d assets
Interface v3 bricks assets
Interface v3 dxtc misc assets
Interface v3 fullscreen assets
Interface v3 graph assets
Interface v3 items assets
Interface v3 login assets
Interface v3 ui assets
Karavan assets Karavan accessories assets
Karavan actors assets
Landscape assets Landscape bassesiles assets
Landscape boisbandeclair assets
Landscape citees assets
Landscape desert assets
Map assets Map halloween assets
Matis assets Matis accessories assets Matis accessories v2 assets
Matis actors assets Matis actors lead maps assets
Matis actors mask assets
Matis decors assets Matis batiments assets
Matis batiments v2 assets
Forest vegetation assets
Matis homin chiefs assets
Outgame assets
Prime Roots assets Prime Roots batiments assets
Prime Roots batiments v2 assets
Prime Roots monster assets
Prime Roots monster v2 assets
Prime Roots vegetations assets
Tryker assets Tryker accessories assets Tryker accessories v2 assets
Tryker actors assets Tryker actors lead maps assets
Tryker actors mask assets
Tryker actors refugees assets
Tryker actors v2 assets
Tryker batiments assets Tryker batiments v2 assets
Tryker homin chiefs assets
Tryker monster assets Tryker monster v2 assets
Lakes vegetation assets
Vegetations assets
Zorai assets Zorai accessories assets Zorai accessories v2 assets
Zorai actors assets Zorai actors lead maps assets
Zorai actors mask assets
Zorai decors assets Zorai batiments assets
Zorai batiments v2 assets
Jungle vegetation assets
Zorai homin chiefs assets
Zorai monster assets Zorai monster v2 assets
Foundation Artworks Fan art Comics
Ecological sketches
Narrative Illustrations
Zoraï pictograms
Concept art
Official artwork
Original artworks
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Winch Gate
Nevrax SARL
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Dynamic wiki categories

Categories requiring diffusion
Images for cleanup
Images without source
In DB broken categories
Media for cleanup
Media lacking a description
Media lacking author information
PD images without reason
PD other reasons
Unidentified subjects
Babylon Af
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